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November 5, 20200

Clean air, tranquility, places of relaxation, incomparable landscapes and large areas are some of the favorable aspects of living in a country environment.

ANDhe fact of living on the outskirts of the city translates mainly into tranquility, it could be said that it is like living on vacation, enjoying an ideal environment, accompanied by unique activities and best of all, as a family.

If you already live in a country condominium, we share some reasons why you love this place much more and, in addition, we offer you ideas of the type of activities that you can do there; And if you still do not live in a country house, we are sure that these same reasons will convince you to invest in this type of property.

To show you all these advantages, we take the Campestres Villages as a reference, an innovative concept developed by El Poblado SA, a condominium builder with more than 18 years of experience developing spaces so that its investors can: share as a family, enjoy the comforts of a club and live in harmony with nature.


    1. Spaces for everyone

    Country condominiums are ideal places for all family members to feel comfortable, as it offers spaces for each of them to enjoy: playgrounds, swimming pools, spa, restaurant, ecological park, sports fields, lakes, among others. .

    1. Connection between body and mind

    Achieving this requires work and dedication, but there are spaces that facilitate this connection. Without a doubt, if you live in a country condominium, you will have ideal spaces to practice relaxation activities such as meditation or yoga.  

    1. You can celebrate your special dates

    You no longer have to wear yourself out thinking about where to celebrate your birthday, a graduation party or even a social gathering with friends. Country condos like those of El Poblado SA, offer you this possibility, the best of all is to have the option of packages for events, you no longer have to worry about anything!

    1. There are no excuses!

    If you are one of those who says "Monday starts", well we tell you that here you have no more excuses to postpone your healthy life, since, you have the gym very close, you can also exercise doing sports, you choose between: a complete routine of exercises, a game of tennis, a game of soccer or basketball; the best options to have fun and keep fit.  

    1. Unlimited fun

    Young and old alike will love the multiple recreational options at these condos: game room, water parks, jogging trails, human-scale play area, stables area, paintball field, and much more. 

    1. The House of your dreams!

    If you thought that we had already said everything, then we will tell you that there is more. Thanks to the Poblado Casas Division, you can have the design of your ideal home, integrating the latest architectural trends with your tastes, needs and your budget. Happiness inside and outside your home!




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