El Poblado SA, continues to fulfill dreams and mark a great step in the consolidation of real estate development on the Atlántico coastline

December 10, 2021

The Velamar Country Reserve Parcel Condominium Club & Spa is the fourth project of El Poblado SA, in the Atlantic, which is located in the municipality of Tubará, in the Puerto Velero sector, just 28 km from Barranquilla. This condominium has an area of 536,000 m2 in which investors have lots ranging from 280 m2 and plots from 916 m2.

The co-owners of this wonderful country reserve can already enjoy the comforts of a club since last November 27, since, precisely this was the date on which the doors of the first stage of the project's recreational area were opened, which It is made up of: swimming pools for adults and children, restaurant, snack bar, gazebo, multiple court and soccer field.

In addition, within the framework of the opening of the first stage of this club zone and taking into account that El Poblado has three other projects on the road to the sea with which it makes a significant contribution to the development of the Caribbean Region, the November 26, a dialogue was held on “the Atlántico coastline as a real estate investment destination and housing export center ", in which union and governmental entities were present, such as: Elsa Noguera, Governor of the Atlántico; the Vice President of Camacol Nacional, Edwin Chiriví; the Regional Director of Procolombia, Juan Esteban Vásquez, among others.

Among the topics of the dialogue, the housing internationalization strategy carried out by ProColombia was highlighted. "Your home in Colombia, your best destination" where the main objective is that foreigners and Colombians who are based abroad invest in Colombia, work that El Poblado has been doing for approximately three years, when an alliance with Gestiglovar Inmobiliaria began, with which we are taking Colombians who They live in Spain and in other parts of Europe the possibility of investing in the most attractive areas of their native country.

In addition, the impact that the projects have generated in the neighboring communities was also highlighted, such as the generation of direct and indirect employment, training for people who belong to these communities and the activation of tourism in these areas.

Learn more about how we are aligned with the strategies of the Government of the Atlantic and entities such as Procolombia  here  

El Poblado SA has 10 projects nationwide, located on the outskirts of large cities, where families can live with all the comforts of a club and in harmony with nature. Investing in a country condominium is undoubtedly a smart investment, these places take you away from the chaos of the city and transport you to a space for recreation, relaxation, they provide you with well-being and the opportunity to improve your quality of life.



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